Membership Management System

Our Membership Management System (MMS) is the foremost and ideal solution needed by churches around the globe to fully manage their members effectively.

MMS utilises next-generation technology to create a balanced solution which carries members along with their church activities in real time and also creating an avenue for members to showcase their businesses and trade amongst themselves.

Some of our features include:

Member Registration

To maintain a complete view of all registered members on our members’ management system.

Admin Portal

The admin portal serves as the heart of the system where information are fed and members get them in real time. The admin portal performs a wide range of activities to help manage members effectively.

Group/One-On-One Chatting

This feature allows for a private and controlled chatting structure among members.


Paid for e-books are available here for purchase and downloadable. They are automatically stored in the member’s library section in the menu area of their portal.

Donations, Testimonies & Prayer Request

Members can easily make electronic donations to the church from here; they can send in their testimonies; and they can also share their prayer request with the church prayer warriors.


Church updates and News of interest can be found here for members update.

Programme Update

Members are kept abreast of current and future programmes in the church and it is updated in the calendar area for all members. The system helps to auto- remind members of programme updates.

Manage Offers

This allows for members to issue invoices and make offers for business purposes. You can also monitor on-going orders and delivered orders here.


This application is optimised for smart phones and tablets. MMS solution automatically adapt to the size of the screen on which they are displayed for both admin staff and members.

Dashboard & Reports

A real time reporting of the system activities can be seen here and scheduled for printing when required.

Directory Search

This search area gives access to members’ directory. It gives easy search options for members without displaying their private contact information but members can be invited for a chat and they can accept invitation or decline if they so wish.

Customised SMS*

The admin for the church can send customised SMS to individuals, groups or the entire congregation as the need arise. Customised SMS are also auto-send to members on their birthdays to greet them specially.
(* Charges for each SMS does apply)


Members can see their financial revenue based on the invoices sent out in an organised format. Our system does not allow members to process card payments. Members can send their invoices to both members and non-members at anytime.

Bespoke Customisation

You can request customised scalable development at an additional cost to meet your specific needs.

With unlimited ability on what we can do, we always try to bring our customers the best.

MMS feature includes:

  • Members Registration
  • Members Portal and Admin Portal
  • Bible
  • Calendar
  • Group/ One –on-One Chatting
  • Donations
  • Prayer Request
  • Testimonies
  • Customised SMS
  • Live Video Integration
  • Word Log
  • Bulletin
  • Bookstore
  • Members Micro-Business Site
  • Manage Offers
  • Invoicing
  • Bespoke Customisation

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